Update Before Bed Time:

Hey to my 9 readers… Just wanted to give a quick update before I bid 4/19/09 goodnight.

Seven of you out there already know…but for the rest of you… I didn’t get the job in Hershey. The HR rep emailed me on Thursday morning. Kinda sucks… I was kinda crushed. I cried a little, but I needed to move on…

I flew home for a quick trip last Thursday and had 3 job interviews in Indianapolis on Friday morning. The first two… either place I would be excited to work at. The first was General Surgery at Indiana University Hospital. The 2nd interview was Surgical Trauma at Methodist Hospital. The 3rd was on a Pulmonary floor.. and although the manager was amazing… I cannot see myself working on that floor at all… Not at all what I thought a pulmonary floor would be like, but then again I really didn’t know what to expect.

I had all these grand plans today when I got back to PA (I got home around 1ish in the afternoon)… I didn’t accomplish any of it. I sat on the couch all day and either slept or watched TV.

That’s about if for now… Hope your weekends were all grand.


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