Sad Day for Phillies Fans

Just heard five minutes ago that Harry Kalas died. I know how all of Chicago felt when Harry Carey died. I’m sure Philadelphia is feeling the same way. I didn’t know that he had been the announcer for 38 years…  Can you imagine doing that job for so long??? It was probably one of the best jobs in the world to have.


In other news… I checked on my $741 bill today during break… the guy at the cashier window at the hospital called someone else and apparently it was never billed to my insurance… they still had the wrong information on file for me… I have a reprieve for now..but, for some nagging reason.. I know that I’ll still owe that amount of money.

I have a paper that is due on Wednesday… basically it’s a total BS paper… 4 pages on how I will prepare for the NCLEX… UGH.

The White Sox are in Baltimore next week. Thinking of going to the Thursday night game. Hey, Scott.. wanna go????  😉 Just kidding!!! 🙂 Oh, and I finally wore my green White Sox shirt out in public today (the one that my friends think says “Sex” instead of “Sox”)…  I didn’t feel like I got any weird glances… other than the fact I’m in Philadelphia wearing a White Sox shirt.

Still haven’t heard from Hershey. It’s been 1 week and 1 day so far. If I don’t hear by Wednesday… I pretty much know that I didn’t get it. He said a week and a half. 😦

Ta-ta for now… I need to put on my BS hat and write 4 pages of garbage.***

**Please note: the author knows that preparing for the NCLEX is a serious undertaking and will do all that it takes and pay all the money in the world (Kaplan: $375) to pass this test. But, being forced to write a 4 page paper when 2 pages will do is a little ridiculous in her book.


3 responses to “Sad Day for Phillies Fans

  1. Applying and interviewing for jobs is one of the worst (and most humbling) experiences in all the world. I empathize.

    • I wish I was better at it. I’ve never been good at networking or selling myself. I hate making friends just because they know someone who knows someone, etc… I feel like that’s using people and it’s never felt right to me (even though I KNOW that’s how things work in our world). I really, really, really want the Hershey job..but maybe it’s not the best for me… I know this sounds corny to some people reading this… and please believe me when I say I’m not obsessed…but I *know* that God has the perfect job for me… wherever that might be.

  2. Sox vs. O’s dosen’t evokequite the same images as a prostate exam……..but, close.

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