Toilet is still broke… Haven’t had a chance to call on it yet.

Scared that I’m not going to hear from Hershey.

**Update on the date that I had when I was back in Chicago….  it’s not going to happen. Long distance rel’shps never work out unless they are destined to.. I *think* I was (am) more willing than him to take that on. I get this from the fact he pretty much blew me off all week when I tried to talk with him.

That’s it for now… need to get ready for the train and school.


3 responses to “6.06am

  1. Ahh..opening day. How are the Sox 3 games back after 1???????????????

  2. so…there only 2 back? Go White Stockings …Woo whoo Go Blagoivoich Go Jack Ryan…

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