Friday Night.

I got back home about an hour ago from Hershey. All I can say is “Thank YOU GOD” for casual clothes…  I had my dress skirt & Spanx on for almost 8 hours today and it was about time to trade them both for normal underwear & scrub bottoms. {**Side note for you guys: Spanx are ultra form fitting suck in all your fatty bits underwear}.

I got to Hershey about 1pm and my interview was scheduled for 1.30pm. I ran throughout the hospital for those extra minutes trying to locate the two people that I know who work there… both were not to be found. So, of course, it being me… I got lost trying to get back to the South Lobby of the building. Finally I found my way back & was there in time to meet the nurse recruiter. We talked for about 40 minutes regarding benefits and the orientation program. Then he led me up to the nurse manager for the Neuro Intensive Care Unit. We talked for a little over an hour. Half the time it was her and the clinical nurse educator (the RN who would be leading the orientation). I think everything went OK. I got flustered over a few questions. The nurse manager asked me if I knew when orientation started & I told her July 6th. She confirmed that date with with her calendar and kept nodding her head at my answers. After the interview she took me on a tour of the whole unit. 16 beds, built in 2006… beautiful private rooms… conference rooms, etc.

I think it ended a little after 3pm and then I went to find my friend (?) Eric. He was a fellow at UPenn when I was a patient there. He’s now an attending at Hershey. Thankfully, I found him and we talked for about 20 minutes until his next patient arrived. I think it’s been 2 or 3 years since I saw him… which, is a good time frame for us… Someone almost gasped when I told them I was interviewing at Hershey because of the Eric issue (I had a huge crush on him at one point). I figured that was 8 years ago and enough time has passed under the bridge that I’m comfortable enough just saying hi… plus, HMC employs almost 6000 people… so, I could go months without running into him.

Bottom line: if they offer me the job… I’m taking it. It’s an amazing place and they have amazing benefits…It would be a great place to learn…. The nurse recruiter said that I should hear in about 2 weeks.  UGH. That’s the scary part.

Nothing else too exciting to report… My test from the other day: 86.95%. Final grade is 86.99%… a solid “B”. Missed a “B+” by 0.01 points… crazy.

Enjoy your weekend. I’m planning on sitting on the couch tonight & watching Friday Night Lights.

Ta-ta for now.


One response to “Friday Night.

  1. Kimberly Hansen

    Hershey would certainly be a great place to visit you. 🙂

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