Nursing Exam Today.

I’m still here. Big exam at 9am… didn’t really study like I thought I would. I’m getting burned out. It’s a whopping TRUE final… about everything we learned from January until now… I’m hoping my LT memory pulls it out for me… (full disclosure… I could really FAIL this exam and still get a “B” in the class…  it’s whether I really want a B+ or A-).

Chicago was good.. Was home for 4 days… just got back yesterday.

Other random thoughts…

1. My toilet is broke… the inside of the toilet thingy broke where you have the handle… so, to flush the toilet I need to lift the lid off and pull the other thingy…  Ugh… toilet water…but I think the H2O on top is clean???  Yes, I will call the maintenance department when I get back from class today.

2. Baseball season starts soon…. can’t remember when… but I know it’s soon.

3. Interview at Hershey is on Friday afternoon… WOW.

4. Eight years ago today… I got a heart transplant… pretty cool…. 😉

That’s it…  bye for now.


7 responses to “Nursing Exam Today.

  1. Wait…so your saying you actually got a call that they found a heart on April Fools Day???????????

    • Yep. Two of my friends were visiting that w/e from Cleveland (April 1st was a Sunday that year–2000)… Missy & I were walking the halls like I was told to do.. when around 11.30ish in the morning (or maybe noonish??) Jessup & her nurse come walking towards me telling me that I need to go back to my room. I was pretty defiant and say why since they always were yelling at me because I wasn’t walking around enough… So, then Jessup actually got nice and said “well, we have a heart for you.” Missy TOTALLY starts crying and i turn around and say “ok..let’s go.” V. surreal moment & I THOUGHT I would be all crying like Missy… totally wasn’t…. I was very matter of fact… I called my mom (who… thought I was joking!!)… I was wheeled down at 6pm-ish… My parents arrived in Philly right before I was put under (my Aunt works for an amazing man who bought the planes tickets so they could fly out on the same day). Surgery started at 8pm… over by 1am. That’s the story! God has a total sense of humor (well, at least I think so).

  2. My first thought still would have been “thats one sick April Fools Joke” May say alot about my personalty but, I always found Jessup quite nice.

  3. On second thought, I was thinking of Sue Brozena.

    • Brozena was one of my favorites. She used to be a nurse before she went to medical school. Over the years I have heard things about Jessup that confirmed what I thought when I was in the hospital. My mom was basically a pain in the arse when I was in the hospital and I don’t think Jessup took too kindly to that (my mom didn’t know anything about UPENN… wanted to take me back to Chicago, etc).

      Brozena knew that I NEVER called with problems.. so, that when I did call.. she knew I was really concerned about something and took it seriously. That’s what I liked about her & that she was v. thorough. I feel like Dr. Mather (at Jeff) is the same as her..but in a male, Indian form. 😉

      ps.. Scott, when was your transplant? Did I ever meet you?

  4. Not a transplant patient. HF and Electrophys. You could have seen me there though. I was the one who acted like Tom Hanks in the opening scene of Philadelphia, trying to shut the room out pretending like I couldn’t possible need to be there. As I got older/wiser, I realized that no one ever actually pictured themselves getting off the elevator to the Huge Brass “HEART FAILURE AND CARDIAC TRANSPLANT” sign.

    • Actually, my whole life I really wanted to be a transplant patient.. I went to the best schools and studied really hard. 😉 (I know… I’m a pain in the arse!)

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