Thursday Tidbits…

So, I too quickly spoke re: the hospital in Indianapolis. The recruiter called me this afternoon. We are setting up either a phone interview for next week or I’m going to fly down there in the next couple of weeks to interview for a position in the Post Surgical Unit…


In other news… Columbia Sportswear is awesome. I wrote about a month ago on how my winter boots basically fell apart as I was walking in them… I mailed them back to Columbia in Portland… a few weeks ago someone called me and told me that they were going to replace my boots… She said that that specific model of boot for that year (’04) had a defect in the compound that was holding the boot together. Totally excited about what they sent me. It was from the Fall ’08 line of boots… so, they should be a little more stylish than the utilitarian boots that I bought in ’04.

Have a huge test tomorrow morning… Gotta study NOW.

One last thing… I think that in general men probably don’t put up with the BS when they are new nurses. Men in general are a lot less catty than women and kinda let stuff roll off their backs. Also, from the male nurses that I have worked with… they seem to be a lot more patient than their female counterparts… Kinda strange… but definitely true.

NOW… I’m STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦


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