To my favorite (!!) white nursing uniforms. Tonight was my last night of clinical at Jefferson. We had our evaluation and said goodbye to the patients and nurses on the floor… We are finished. All I have now are classes…Can’t believe it’s one part of nursing school is finally over. I am going to cut the patch off one of my nursing uniform tops and then they are all going into the garbage…never to be seen again.


And then there was one. All the hospitals I have applied to have flaked out except for Hershey Medical  Center. I hate putting all my eggs into one basket but I don’t know what else to do. I’m especially upset about the HR department at the hospital in Indianapolis because that was my first choice. I would have gone there in a second. I have come to believe in my 37 years on earth and the last 16 in the professional workforce that most HR department personnel stretch the true as far as they can…  and, in finding a nursing job.. the same statement is true EXCEPT for the man at Hershey Medical Center. He has been honest every step of the way.. getting back to me when he said he would… apologizing when he didn’t… etc…

The situation in Indy: I applied March 1st. Get an email the 4th. I reply to the email. Get an email on the 5th. This email says: “I have reviewed your application. I WILL be getting back in touch with you in a FEW days to talk about opportunitites for new graduates.” Well, then NOTHING. I emailed this person again on 3/17. No response. Then my mom runs into one of the nurse recruiters at a surgical conference in Chicago. She tells my mom “oh, nooo problem… I’ll have my secretary call your daughter to set up an interview for 3/30″… (my mom is super excited… me: not so much.. knew it was a lie). Well, it was. I email this woman last night… NOTHING. I have tried my darnest (is that a word?) to get ahold of these people. I’m done.

I am excited… v. excited about the Hershey prospect… but also very scared because I’m not experienced and I’m not so good with having experienced nurses blow me off because I’m a new nurse (which, is what I hear is the norm now.).

Ok.. that’s it for now… two tests this week (thur & fri)… must go study.

Ta-ta for now.


4 responses to “Buh-bye!

  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear about that! Have you ever considered putting a list together of hospitals (or other acute care employers) that ARE friendly to new nurses. I know that some have established mentoring programs that help ease new grads into the profession during the early years. Employers are well aware of the dropout rates among new nurses, and when they hire one, they don’t want to lose them. In the meantime, be encouraged and know that there really are tons of nurses out there who remember their transitions into the real world of nursing – and who want you to do well and enjoy your roles. If you want to get further encouraged read about some the great things nurses (and other HCPs) are doing in a national award we sponsor (nomination period going on now!) – on the above website. You can also follow the award (and me) on twitter (InspiredComfort). Hang in there!!!

    Wendell Mobley

  2. The adage is “Nurses eat their young.”…sad but true.

  3. eating the young is not something relegated to nurses. the bottom line is that some people are miserable and/or have such low self esteem that they have to pull down those around them. in the case of these types w/i nursing, the new nurses are most vulnerable. I would be interested in hearing experiences of new nurses who are men or new nurses who have come to nursing as a 2nd or 3rd career – to see if they face this and how they deal w/ it. My guess is they don’t put up w/ it.

  4. Not all nurses who are young and new women put up with it either. But there are the nurses who get eaten alive…young, old, men, women. As there are people in all walks of life who get swallowed up. There is a confidence that some have that others will never have. One has to be confident, sure, steady, and strong to work in all nursing…especially bedside hospital nursing…especially critical care.

    Just a word to the wise.

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