March Madness..

I haven’t posted in a few days… so I thought you all were in need for an update:

Job Stuff: Had a scare yesterday. I rec’d an email from the nurse recruiter from Hershey Med Center. It was addressed to all “Graduate Nurses.” Basically, it said that they had over 360 people apply for less than 100 open positions. It said that they started interviewing in January and continued to March. That many of their units are currently under construction (ED, PACU) and that they were not able to forsee future staffing needs. Bottom Line: he said that any new positions available would go to people currently on staff at HMC. Sooooooooooo, I assumed that negated the conversation that I had with him 2 weeks ago where he said that I was scheduled for an interview on April 3rd. Soooooooooooooo, (you all knowing how crazy I get) emailed him and thanked him for looking at my application and that I was disappointed, but that I understood the situation with the economy. I was at the mall when I emailed that from my BB. Well, then I went into the Hallmark store to buy my dad a birthday card (yes, I do clearly care about my parents & appreciate all they have done for me… thank you very much!—sorry, that was for M.–I was being rude again–and yes, it still hurts that he said all that crap to me) and this sappy country song was playing on the overhead speakers and I just started balling when I was looking at the cards. This woman turns around and asks if I’m crying because of the song because it always makes her cry also…  long story short… she’s a nurse & I told her my story… the owner of the store is a retired nurse and she overhears… it was like therapy. Well, to make me feel better I ended up buying a new Vera Bradley bag (it’s Purple Punch for those who care!). I can’t wait to use it!  35 minutes later, I get an email back from the nurse recruiter. He said that my interview was still on until I hear otherwise… He said that the Neuro unit is still hiring! Thank Goodness for that.

School News: I hate it. I sooo want to be finished. I dread going to school now. Just dread it. I don’t know if there is even one person I will keep in touch with after I graduate. Which is sad… but it’s so different now. My mom STILL keeps in touch with her nursing school classmates & she graduated from school in 1963. Maybe it’s because I’m almost 10-18 years older than most of my classmates…

Chicago News: Flying back home next week (3/27-3/31). Looking forward to it. I’m having dinner with a man that I went to high school with (well, he wasn’t a MAN back then..well, he was a man…but a young man…who I really didn’t talk to). We reconnected through Facebook. He’s taking me to a Winery in the Chicago suburbs. It should be fun. I’m going to bring my Vera Bradley bag!

Ok guys.. that’s about it.

Ta-ta for now.


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