New Doctor..

So, (I know this might break your heart Scott) I transferred my heart transplant care to Jefferson Hospital. There are reasons involved that I won’t go into here… but it happened and is happening. Today I met with the heart guy at Jefferson. He’s basically doing me a  huge favor taking me on as a patient because literally I do not know where I will be in 4 months. He was very gracious and said that he would do whatever I need him to do.

Well, today wasn’t a great day for an appointment. I had my test this morning (84… again, not great… stupid mistakes.. when will I learn–hyperkalemia is tall T waves… NOT prominant U waves–duh!!!) and I was worried about that and running on no sleep (well, 4 hours on Monday and maybe 4 last night???). So, I get into the appointment and the med tech takes my blood pressure… it was 134/104. It has NEVER been this high… EVER. IN. MY. LIFE. I started freaking out silently… and then Penn hasn’t been the best with sending my records over to Jeff (I love how medical centers collaborate regarding a patient’s care–one of the reasons I transferred) so I needed to tell my whole life story of the last 12 years to the transplant coordinator. By the time the doc got into the room I was on the verge of tears… when he got into the room I just broke down.

Everything went well in the end, he’s a good doctor and person (I see him when I do my clinicals at Jefferson).. so, I know that I’m in good hands…


In other news, I got home tonight and fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. I just woke up at 7.30. Time to turn on American Idol since LOST is a repeat. And, I think… I’m going to wash dishes…  it’s a relaxing thing to do. 🙂

That’s it for now… ta-ta.


6 responses to “New Doctor..

  1. Break my heart, I get it….Don’t sweat it I transferred mine to NYU about 4 years ago and I guarantee you won’t like or agree with the reason.

    Also today I am kinda real anti Penn Cardiology because a dear, dear friends father passed away last night because they made a very close call on an AA. It was a reasonable call but, the anger needs to be directed somewhere. 38 year cancer survivor killed by a 1/4″ anuryseum.

    • The breaking point with UPENN was I needed to have a stress echo and I called. Since Penn couldn’t get their act together I asked if I could have it at TJU b/c I’m there and they have a transplant center also.. the nurse (who wasn’t a transplant coordinator) told me that “we don’t recommend that you have it done at TJU because they will not know how to read the results.” That basically sums up their attitude about themselves.. They are the biggest, therefore they must be the only ones who know what they are doing. I was pretty livid when she told me that on the phone… Can’t we all be grown ups and play along? I know transplant centers are money makers & bring prestige to a hospital that has one…but do the docs have to hate each other? I’ve faxed two requests to Penn for my medical record… NOTHING. OK… There’s more but I won’t bore you….

      I’m very sorry to hear about your friend’s dad. ;(

  2. You could always take the train down to Innova.

  3. Scott-did you know Shashank? I miss him horribly. 😦

  4. And this is based on the implicit idea that what I write here on this open forum/blog is just between us (should you have any contact with him) but yes, I knew him and for many years knew I was getting the best care available by using him. However, and this is just from my experience, when he was getting ready to move and I was having some problems, I believe he was making an incorrect call, one which he was resolute on. It took me trips to Baltimore, Houston and NYU to ultimately determine my gut feeling was correct. Besides that, though, I seriously have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for him as both a clinician and for the way he interacts with his patients–it was just a bad call. That being said, if you miss him and are most comfortable with his decisions, I see no reason why you would not get on a train every 3 mos to see a Dr. who has provided you with the most piece of mind. You don’t need your Dr. to be local, it was him who once told me that it does not matter who your Dr. is, the ambulance is going to take you to the closest appropriate medical facility.

    • Doctors are human and sometimes they don’t do what is best… (even the brilliant ones…). I feel that our “gut” feelings are sometimes all that clinicians have to go by & should respect that… because, frankly, they don’t even have an iota of what it’s like to live with a transplant.. even if they have tons of book knowledge.

      I’ve been fortunate enough to never have any real problems with my heart.. another reason i’m so ticked at Penn… I don’t call all the time. I call maybe 3-4x/year. Actually, I can’t even see if I was a pest & extremely needy and called ALL the time .. they should still go out of their way for their patients. I love Shashank because he is brilliant clinically & personally…He actually talked to me like he was talking to a peer… which I appreciated. That being said, there are enough good docs here in Philadelphia that I don’t need to go 3 hours away to see him.

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