Did you ever..?

Have that time where you are driving and your mind just sorta goes on automatic pilot and then 10 minutes later you’re like “how did I get here?”… Well, today was one of those days. On Mondays & Tuesdays I’m JEFFERSON HOSPITAL for my clinical rotations. Well, I left today at 1pm to get into the city and to park…  I’m driving and 10 minutes goes by before I realize I’m 1/2 way to LANKENAU HOSPITAL where I work. Craziness. Thankfully, I left early today and was still on time for my clinical.

In other news… the guy from Wawa finally asked for my  number. He asked me out before the Superbowl (actually, it might have been in Dec 2008). He’s a nice guy…has a FT job in the city during the day and works at Wawa some evenings. He was there tonight as I stopped in to buy my 2L Diet Coke (I have a test tomorrow and need caffeine).

And… seriously… there is a steak house in the Packard Building? That’s one of my favorite buildings in the city. If I could afford to live down there… I would totally live down in that building.

That’s it from here… Time to study…  Test tomorrow at 8am.


4 responses to “Did you ever..?

  1. Lucy–splain the gap between March ’09 and when he asked you out in Dec.

    • There really isn’t anything to explain. I just never really saw him. He was working only on the w/e at my neighborhood WAWA and then suddenly he disappeared. I usually NEVER go into WAWA on a week night… usually just on Sundays after church to get my sandwich and my Sunday Inquirer… Anyway, a few weeks ago I stopped in after clinical (it was about 10pm-ish?) and there he was … We small talked and then last night I stopped in and he asked me for my number … He works at Blue Cross/Blue Shield during the week in the city.

  2. He works for IBX? I hate him already. 🙂

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