I arrived back home from Quebec earlier this afternoon. I had a great time visiting with my friends who do not think I’m obessed with God or selfish or self-centered or not caring, etc…  (yes, it still hurts to think about such a hateful email from someone I considered a close friend). It was a really laid back time out of dodge. We ate a lot… laughed a lot….slept a lot…  One of the best things we did… on Saturday Nancy, e, and I went to the Montreal Arboretium (sp??? I know it’s totally wrong…) to see the Butterfly exhibition. Take the best of the Philadelphia flower show and throw in thousands of butterflies flying around and you get the picture. I’ll try to post some pictures a little later…. but it was awesome. The butterflies were beautiful as were the flowers.

I applied for another job. Indianapolis at Methodist Hospital. I got an email from the recruiter saying that she would “be in touch” in a few days to talk about the opportunities for the new 09 grads. I don’t know what to think of her email. I’m so wary of HR people since being fired in ’03.

LOST starts in 15 minutes.. so, I’m saying bye for now.

Have a good evening. And, when (if… but probably when) I move… will all the local readers join me for dinner or a beer???


2 responses to “Home..

  1. if you do your get together before we move, count me in!

  2. Leslies Buying. I vote the steak house in the Packard Building.

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