Ahh… how time flies when you’re sick, burn your hand, studying for a test, etc…

It’s 6am now and “Angel” is on the TV in the other room (LOVE “Angel”) & I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to pack.

HESI exam is at 10am. They have given us 4 hours to take the exam. I still don’t know how many questions the thing has on it. I got 160 from one person and from another I got 235… So, who the heck knows….  I just need an 850 to pass this thing……

Then I’m taking the train to the airport & dutifully falling asleep at my gate until 5.15.

Have a good five days while I’m gone… Drink Tropicana!!!  🙂

Ta-ta for now.


2 responses to “Fridaymorningisfinallyhere.ican’tbelieveit.

  1. hesi exam has different questions based on your score. Questions are weighted…sometimes it’s just a few and if they know you’re going to pass, you do and if they think you have a chance but aren’t there yet, it gives you more. You can flunk or pass at 160 or whatever. (In real life this is). Strange test. Friend of mine is on her fourth try…another friend passed by taking all the questions and all the time….and still another passed with the minimum # of questions in 20 minutes. Good luck!

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