I wish it was Spring Break already…

I did a stupid thing last night.. I burned my hand while making dinner. I was taking a Healthy Choice frozen dinner out of the microwave last night after getting home from clinical at Jefferson and it tipped… well, it was one of THOSE frozen dinners that had the sauce in the bottom and then you mixed the food from the top porition….As I was taking it out of the microwave (I was stupid… only used one hand), the bowl tipped and scaulding, boiling, hot, THICK, “some-type-of-chinese-sauce” spilled all over onto my hand & oh.. yea… splashed onto my face. It took me a few seconds to reach the sink to wash it off & to hold my hand under the water…but the damage was already done.

The rest of the night I held a never used bag of frozen Trader Joes veggies on it (remind me to NEVER eat those veggies.. since I threw them back into the freezer)… by 11.30 the pain was soooo intense, throbbing, and just plain hurt like hell I was thinking about going to the ER… I had no clue what they were going to do for me… so, I stuck it out…  I went to bed with a bag of ice and every second that it was removed from my hand the pain just came back…  I must have fell asleep around 1.30 this morning (it’s almost 6am now). It still hurts a little when I bend it….but the throbbing has thankfully stopped.

Friday afternoon… Montreal here I come. Until then… I have the EXIT HESI to mull over and to probably fail. I need an 850 to pass… and we all know how good I am about getting those 850s. Yea, not so good.

Ta-ta for now.


8 responses to “I wish it was Spring Break already…

  1. I hope your hand is okay. Please take care of yourself!

  2. I hope your hand feels better soon.

    BTW, (at the risk of sounding insensitive, hoping that Leslie still has her wry sense of humor through all of this) not so much the “healthy choice,” was it?

  3. chuckling at jamie’s comment

    sorry about that – want an update how it’s doing now please!

    • Hi to my 9 readers!! 🙂 Hand is doing better… i was clutz… so, Jamie WAS correct.. I thought his take on my meal NOT being a “healthy choice” was pretty hilarious… I’m home from school and tired… it’s nap time & then some more study time.

  4. You won your battle with Tropicana. They are bringing back the old carton.

  5. Apparently, people were thinking it was generic Orange Juice and sales plummeted. (could the economy have played a role?)

    • Hmmm… good question. Because of the economy are people buying less Pure Premium Tropicana OJ (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE)??? Well, w/o a coupon (and there are RARELY coupons for OJ) it’s $3.99. That’s a dollar more than the not from concentrate stuff from Trader Joes. My personal opinion is that people who like OJ will continue to buy OJ but might NOT buy the “not from concentrate” stuff.. which I don’t know if Tropicana makes that version because all I buy is the good stuff. I’m an OJ nut and drink it all the time (it’s my coffee in the morning) so I’ll buy it no matter what… & now that they have determined that they bombed with the ugly font… I just might buy Tropicana again.

      You know… if I worried about my HESI score as much as I worried about OJ… I might just pass the thing tomorrow… 😉

      Good night Scott.

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