Kicked to the curb…

Ugh. I’m finally feeling a little bit better. As I was driving home from the Jefferson Ball on Friday night I started having weird stomach pains… at first, I thought it was because of my super duper Spanx underwear that sucks everything in & that I had it on for too long a time period… Well, that certainly wasn’t the case. About 2am Saturday morning I had my first upchuck experience… and it just went downhill from there. All day Saturday I was either on the couch sleeping or in the bathroom puking from both ends. It was horrible. I kept trying to drink water/suck on ice cubes… but nothing worked. I was feeling a little better in the afternoon yesterday and TRIED eating some solid food… didn’t work. Last night at 11.30 I drank 1/2 of cup of the Lipton Cup of Soup stuff..and I did keep it down..

This morning I feel a lot better..but weak. I lost a total of 5 pounds from Friday night to this morning. Such a crazy diet plan…

Here’s a picture from the Ball… when I was feeling good.

my grand entrance with jonah & misty lee (ps.. i'm in the purple dress!)

my grand entrance with jonah & misty lee (ps.. i'm in the purple dress!)

That’s it for now.. It’s 1.30pm and I’m still in my PJs… I’m going to go take a shower & try to rejoin the world outside my apartment (ie… I’m going to Wawa to buy the Sunday paper).


3 responses to “Kicked to the curb…

  1. Oh…..I feel your pain. Got it last Friday driving doen the AC Expressway. Pulling over every 5 miles to vomit. Last one did not exactly, make it all the way out the window. Good news is it goes away fairly quick. Did wonders for the blood sugar control, though,

  2. ugh… i can only imagine trying to puke out a window at 55mph. if it makes you feel any better… i missed the toilet once also last night! 😉

  3. i’m so sorry you’ve been sick! i keep praying that the stomach bug doesn’t hit my family. i hope you are able to get enough rest today and feel completely better.

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