My shopping day…

I hate looking for shoes… dress shoes nonetheless… thankfully no White Sox logo in site…  (I was looking at a baseball cap this morning and that was the whole point of the Sox logo looking like the word “Sex” post)…

So…. I left later than I planned… 1pm… Got out to KOP and first went to Nordstrom. Man.. you can buy wicked ugly shoes for LOTS of money..  There wasn’t any shoe that I even remotely liked… plus they all started at $100. I did buy a pair of Spanx (a woman’s answer to a flat tummy..since I’m always looking like I’m 3 months preggers) that set me back $36.

Onto other shoe places… I happened into JC Penney (or is Penny?).. which, as you can see I can’t spell it… so, literally the last time I was in that store must have been 1993. I thought just MAYBE they would have a reasonably priced pair… nope… nothing.

Then went to Lord & Taylor. BINGO. Found a great pair. They are silver and have little rhinestones at the toe… V. feminine. I didn’t like the price all too much..but I figure I have a pair of fancy shoes. QUESTION for all my women friends: do people still wear hose with dresses now??? or do they go bare leg??? Totally don’t know…  the shoes are open toe.. not all the way…but you can see my first two toes & my little toe.

After L&T, I walked around the mall a little bit and stumbled into JJill. Ok… didn’t really stumble… the store kinda pulled me into it….  Ok.. I broke down… got a cool spring shirt.

Then, I went to Pandora and got myself my Valentine’s Day present from my mom… a pair of earrings. Oh, and I also visited my bead that I will be buying when I graduate from nursing school. It’s gold with rubies…  kinda expensive…but it’s my “fancy” bead to go on my bracelet…  And, graduating is kind of a big fancy deal. And, yes, Kimberly.. all the other graduation gifts to myself… I’ve put to the side… because I’m definitely going to splurge on the bead for me.

After that, since I was in the area… I stopped at COSTCO…Left with only spending $35…which, I thought was a solid amount. Then, I went to get my $1.50 hotdog & soda from the food area…. well, the guy at the food counter kept commenting on my purchases… UGH…

Now, I’m home…  I have to bake a cake for work tomorrow…so, I better get crackin’ 🙂

Ta-ta for now.


6 responses to “My shopping day…

  1. I want a cake baked for me, too!

  2. Maybe he liked you and wanted to ask you out.

  3. So you raise the question that is trobeling me at the moment. How young is too young for the 37 year old catalyst for your blog(I do have an overinflated view of my self worth.) is 30 too young? +maybe he was Benjamine Button.

    • My good friend married a guy 21 years older than she is (or it might be 20)… she’s 37 & he’s either 57 or 58… they work great together…. I don’t think I would date anyone younger than 30… and, come on.. nothing against men…but it seems 65% of you all reach maturity around 45. and then, you only want to date 25 year olds (ok… I”m making a HUGE generalization…)

      And, no Benjamin Button was just creapy.

  4. haha! your huge generalization is funny! (and probably true!)

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