I blame my close friends…

for me being unable to buy anything with the White Sox logo on it…  As you recall, I bought a shirt awhile ago… they thought the White Sox logo looked liked the word “sex”….  Since that day, I haven’t bought anything saying White Sox in the script lettering…  maybe, I’ll just have to become a Phillies fan… Sorry, isn’t going to happen.

I got my tax refund today… One week after filing my taxes electronically… The money has already been spent or put into my ING accounts for savings…Although, to be quite honest, I’m leaving for Nordstrom’s in about 5 minutes to find shoes and some other stuff for the Jefferson Ball next week. Yes, my 9 readers… I have myself a fancy dress and a ball to go to!!!  At the Ben Franklin next Friday night. And, no.. no date.. a bunch of my classmates are all going. So, I’ll be among friends… although none of them will be a guy.

Other good news…I got contacted yesterday about a job interview for a nursing position. I’m not telling the hospital just yet.. but it’s for a neurology intensive care unit… So, I guess you could figure it out which hospitals can be large enough for a NICU….but I promise I’ll keep you all updated. I probably won’t say any more hospital names until I have signed a contract and figured out where I’m going & praying that it’s not Boise, Idaho or Bangor, Maine.

That’s about it… I’m outta here… going to go spend some of my money on a pair of shoes I’ll probably only wear once.

Have a good weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day… (which, is still one of my FAVORITE holidays…no matter my relationship status)


One response to “I blame my close friends…

  1. woohoo! a fancy dance! i think the last one i got to go to was prom..and i didn’t dance 🙂

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