Market East

I’m sitting here waiting for the 2pm train. It’s now listed as 12 minutes late. I’ve been down here for 30 minutes already & it’s actually quite cold.

My test (for people not on Facebook) went OK. I got a 86. 7 wrong. The other 20 question quiz I didn’t even bother studying for. I think I missed one.

I think I’m overly tired. I went to bed at 1am & got back up at 4 to review EKG strips. I have forgotten my immuno meds TWO days in a row. I’ve never done that before. EVER. I did take last night’s dose. Got this morning’s dose ready & must have left it on the countertop. It’s too late for me to take it when I get home b/c it will be almost 4pm. I still can’t believe that I forgot it.

That’s about it from here. I’m strangly happy about my B. 🙂

Tata for now.


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