Tomorrow I have two tests… Well, one HUGE exam on Critical Care (shock, oncological emergencies, SIDS, MODS..{and my PERSONAL FAVORITE: Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiurectic Hormone or SIADH}) & another mindless 20 question quiz for my transitions to nursing class that I haven’t really even studied for.

Mondays & Tuesdays are crazy days… I’m up at 5 in the morning and then I study… then I go to the hospital from 1-10pm… I’m home by 10.30 and then I study until Midnight. Tomorrow I’ll probably get up about 4am to study some more before my critical care test at 8am.

I’m thinking I’ll be asleep way early tomorrow evening. Thankfully, I don’t have to get up so early on Thursdays for class.

I have a classmate who is freaking me out about finding a job. Unfortunately, this is a horrible time to be graduating from nursing school. No jobs. Anywhere. Ok.. that’s an overstatement. No jobs in Philadelphia. I work at Main Line Health & they aren’t even hiring their own externs for positions for next year… I’m sure if I *knew* somebody… maybe… but I don’t know anyone at all. I’m just praying (there’s me being obsessive about God again..Ok… for all the put downs that M. said about me… that one has to be the craziest… if he actually knew me… he would know that I’m the LEAST obsessive person I know when it comes about talking about God…) God has a place for me somewhere in a  hospital that doesn’t involve Idaho or the Dakotas (I need my Nordstroms… oops.. I’m being selfish… sorry about that one also). *****

(***author’s note… you’ll probably be seeing these types of comments from the author for the next couple of weeks. she is still darn angry at being called all those horrible things…she promises it will stop eventually.. when it’s out of her system).

I got waitlisted at Johns Hopkins. There is already no openings in Philadelphia. Jefferson won’t hire me because I’m not graduating with a BSN. I heard once from PSU-Hershey…but never again. V. scared actually about it all.

All this has my mind spinning…

Have a good Tuesday folks…


from the “Pouty One” (yes, he called me pouty… when in reality… just be a man & say..”I know that we have been communicating for 6 months… I know that you have actually never seen a current picture of me… I know it’s not really fair that you’ve sent me lots of pictures of yourself & I refuse to do the same because it’s just too hard and you are asking way too much of me.”) **

ok… this comment was not nice at all…  but come on… yes, still quite mad at it all

I’ll probably delete this comment in a few days…  I hate how my anger is coming out in my blog.


8 responses to “Tuesday.

  1. Couple of quick thoughts. 1) Esther — I accept your implied apology. I know you were only trying to help. I believe drama belongs on FB not a personal blog.
    2) As for the job situation– maybe its time to consider, if you can make it work financially, that this may be the perfect opportuniity to finish a BSN and get out of school as the market is expanding with the ability to also qualify for niurse manager and DON/ADON positions. Between your undergrad/masters work you can’t possibly need more than a year of school left???

    I know that SHore Memorial (a foot into the door at HUP) and ACMC (a Jeff affiliate) are desperate to hire.

    • Who in the heck are you? And how do you know so much about nursing? 😉 I’ve already had the conversation in my head about continuing straight with my BSN and not working next year. You’re right… it will only take me 9 months to get my BSN b/c all I have left are the nursing classes. Jefferson wanted me to go straight into the RN-MSN track…which, I’m not even considering because I think you should work a little before narrowing your focus so much with your MSN. After a few years on the floor my intention is to go into administration. Long story short… I need to work. I can’t afford to continuing living out here without a job… I can’t & won’t take any more of my parents retirement money for rent (my dad was laid off in August.. still hasn’t found a new job & his portfolio has tanked for retirement).

      Oh…and the rumor mill… I emailed the recruiter at Main Line Health and she said that my info was wrong.. that they ARE hiring externs to new RN positions for the summer. So, thankfully, my foot is in the door there and I’m a good worker.

      And, I apologize for my drama on my blog. Why can’t guys just say what they mean? Do all guys do this? Am I the only woman out there that says exactly what she means (ok..ok…ok.. I say what I mean *most* of the time).

  2. What part of I am omnipotent are you not getting.

    To those reading, please understand that that was said with a smile on my face and was in no way meant to upset the web-mistress.

    I ameliorate, not aggitate.

  3. You could look up my ex-fiancee on FB and ask her.

  4. Ugh, I have enough drama thanks so much.

    I’m sure your breaking up had nothing to do with your knowledge of big words. (Although I’m totally curious to see the ring-b/c I love pretty rings & I’m sure it’s gorgeous.)

  5. You can move to NY, there are a ton of jobs here.
    I thought i would offer some advice when taking a job as a new grad in the healthcare profession. Work in a place where you get good supervision and the opportunity to learn from the other professionals. It is the skills that you develop that will take you a long way in your professional life. Also I know there are alot of big name hospitals in Phili but they sometimes come with alot of EGO. I did an internship at Columbia in NY and HATED it, not because of the patients but because of the EGOs and beauracy I had to deal with. But Lara I know the reasons why you went into the healthcare profession it is because you know what it means to be a patient and it is that experience that will motivate you to be an awesome nurse. At least for myself there is no better feeling then knowing one is part of the process of restoring quality of life to a person, but be prepared for the ethical delemias you will face, egos, and some red tape.
    Good Luck!!!
    As far as dating, just be yourself!!!! Good Luck!!!!

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