I’m not moving it…. I’m ultimately too lazy.

We’ll see. Stay tuned.


13 responses to “Maybe?

  1. I don’t think you should move it. If you do, tell me where to.

  2. I know it can’t be something I said, {I’m just too damn charming. Ain’t I?

    • Nothing at all that you said… Apparently, I’m selfish, childish, self-centered, have no insight, don’t appreciate my parents, don’t care about other people’s feelings, am hurtful, am too obsessive when talking about God, focus too much on my looks (or lack there of),….

      I guess I could go on… so, if you like all those qualities in me… feel free to continue reading.

  3. You know…that would make one heck of a personal ad. Just add introverted sociopath with hairy legs and your golden…….:)

  4. How can one have no insight when writing about themselves.

    • Well, good news… I did shave my legs today ;)…

      I’m not insightful (I’m guessing here) because I’m a “pouty child” & only care about me.

      Thankfully, I’ve never ever met this person who said these things about me… so it should be easy to forget him.

      One thing I’m realizing is… how easy it is to throw a story back into someone’s face and make it hurtful.


  5. You know we love you. Block the person or delete their comments and move on.

  6. You should not move nor should you block the person. You place your thoughts out their and people respond. (It’s the basic blog concept) Some will respond constructively, some destructively. (it’s just human nature that some humans are J**ko**s) By deleting the offending comments you deny the rest of us our right and obligation to call the offender on their behavior. Our right to empassioned debate and your right to our zelous defense. BTW, I’m still mad that you did not address my orgasm cosmetics comment….. 🙂

    • Oops.. sorry, I totally forgot about your comment from NYE!!! There! I addressed it. It was a funny comment and I set myself up for it. I probably won’t block him… because I’m hoping he will not read it anymore. I’m far from perfect (we all know this) & I’ve said some pretty crappy things to him also.

      But, bottom line… if he thinks all those things of me…. he won’t want to read this anymore… I know I have people who love me dearly (thanks Kimberly!) no matter what. And plus, like I said.. I’m too lazy to move anything right now… let alone a blog postings from the last 4 years.

      Happy Superbowl!!!! 🙂

  7. whats all the drama between scott and lara. did they ever meet!!!!!! I love laras blog and i never even met her, it is just so real. i read many blogs and the blogger has the right to write what they feel without being judged. if you don’t like it then don’t read it!!

  8. Now, I could take this opportunity to launch into a profanity laced diatrode but I admire your moxi in defending her. You may want to review some of the previous posts which wiill help you realize SHES NOT TALKING ABOUT ME. I’m one of the good guys here. There,I said my piece, now what’s for dinner.

    • Hi Esther & Scott… my two wonderful online Jewish friends… :)… Yes, Esther.. thank you for sticking up for me… but Scott is the good guy… the other guy is the not-so-good guy. I suspect the not-so-good guy will stop reading. But it’s a free Internet… so that’s up to him.

      Scott.. I had chicken tortilla soup for dinner… topped w/ tortilla chips & shredded cheese. I also drank 1 liter of Diet Coke tonight while watching the game. For dessert we ate Strawberry shortcake (2 pieces!!), “real” popcorn (not microwave), & Reeses Peanut Butter cups shaped like hearts (for Valentine’s Day). It was all great… except the downfall of Kurt Warner’s team.

  9. If you do happen to move your blog you will email won’t you.

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