It feels like a Saturday…

I’ve been off all day and for most of it I’ve been thinking it’s Saturday & the Superbowl is tomorrow. Thankfully, it’s not and I still have tomorrow which is totally, utterly dedicated to studying. My test next week is on Critical Care management. These are all the fun conditions that are kinda rare… V. interesting. But, very complex…

Tonight I’m going to see “New in Town”.. a total chick flick that’s probably not any good…but it has Harry Connick, Jr in it..who is as close to perfection as they come (yes, LOVE Harry Connick…  almost as much as Jeffrey, I guess I have TWO Hollywood crushes).

I’m taking my car in on Monday to get fixed. I’m giving up my beloved Mazda for a nice Ford Focus for a few days. I think I’ll survive.

That’s about it from here… Kinda boring. Sunday is the Superbowl and I’ll be making my Chicken Tortilla Soup. It’s lovely..cooks in the crock pot for 6 hours & the smell is amazing. So, if you’re in Media… stop on by!

Ta-ta for now.


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