Random Facts…

A post is going around on Facebook about 25 Random Facts about yourself… I’m not sure if I have 25 more random facts about me since I have been writing this blog for so long… I might be a boring person to you all. So, it might not be 25… it might be closer to 10 (and, forgive me if some are repeats…).

(these are in no order… just as i think of them).

1. Favorite TV show right now: “Friday Night Lights”

2. Favorite TV show when I was really young: “Voyagers” w/ John Eric Hexum (it was a really cool show about time travel… only lasted 1 season)

3. I met Marc Singer from “V” and Cliff Robertson while skiing in Utah in 8th grade. I have pictures somewhere to prove it.

4. Obama is on TV right now… still don’t like hearing his voice as President (there, I said it.)

5. I don’t like people who lie at all. Not even a little bit. I can tell when someone is being false. It’s a blessing and a curse.

6. Conversely, if you ask me a direct question, be ready for a direct answer. I won’t lie to you either. You don’t want to know what I think..then don’t ask me.

7. After 3 semesters & 2 weeks of nursing school… I stil feel it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life (even though it’s hell at times).

8. Still scared shitless that I won’t ever get married.

9. I swear. Sometimes a lot.

10. The fake “porno” scene in Love Actually is actually the most normal relationship portrayed in that movie. Watch it again. You’ll see.

11. Still don’t like pancakes. Probably never will.

12. I’m a lot more introverted since my heart surgery. I think it’s because everybody knew my business for 48 days. When I pooped made the national news.

13. I miss having dinner parties.

14. I spent $119 on my Orla Kiely bag. No regrets.

15. I’m still trying to figure out what God has in store for me. Right now… I’m kinda ticked off at him… we don’t talk much like we used to.

16. I want a pet when I get my “grown up” job. I’m thinking a cat…

17. My only pet growing up was a hamster. That lasted 6 months. She ate one of my brother’s hamster’s babies.

18. I prefer a cold vacation spot to a hot one anyday (ie.. Skiing over swimming with the dolphins).

19. I wish I was more of a “foodie”

20. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see myself as attractive. Plain is more like it.

21. I want to run through a field of tulips in Holland.

22. Jeffrey Donavan from “The Burn Notice” is my new Hollywood crush.

23. I’ve had 3 patients ask if I’m pregnant.

24. I think I might actually buy a major furniture piece from IKEA which would then void my previous rule of NEVER buying anything over $50 at IKEA.

25. I cry during national disasters..even when they are faked.. like on today’s rerun episode of “The West Wing.”


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