“Nursing School is Not For Sissies”

I was cleaning my desk yesterday & found this poem that a mom of one of my classmates wrote…Here it goes:

You’re busy, working, studying

No time for just yourself.

The patients, finals, clinicals

Your own life’s on the shelf.

Your legs get hairy, your eyebrows bushy

No pedicure in sight.

No time for personal grooming

Must study through the night.

Emotions running wild

As tears roll down your face.

You question your abilities

Will I ever win the race?

The one-by-one semesters end

Your closer to your goal.

You’ve given everything you’ve got…

Your body, mind, and soul.

The last semester soon arrives

Life soon won’t be so TIZZY.

You smile because you know you’re tough

Nursing school is not for sissies!


I can totally relate to most of it… Today if I get time I think I’ll get my eyebrows waxed.

Ok… back to NCLEX questions. Only 1,650 more to go.


5 responses to ““Nursing School is Not For Sissies”

  1. Please don’t forget your legs.

    • that’s hilarious…because i REMEMBER when you said something before about hairy legs… i knew when i typed that line you would say something.. and you did!!! Anyhoo, don’t you worry.. legs are shaved a heck of a lot more than eyebrows are waxed… I can’t stand not shaving my legs… they get all itchy.

  2. Hadto drop mt poetry class freshmen yeay (some might say it contributed to my eventual transfer to TU) I’ll trade a couple of extra pounds for leg hair any day.

  3. Dawn Hullings

    So cool. I wrote that poem for my daughter Misty as she started her senior semester and was having a melt-down. I am a seasoned nurse but never forgot how god-awful hard nursing school was. So neat you put in on the net!!
    Thanks Misty’s Mom RN

  4. I love that poem. Thanks for writing it for your daughter. It’s soooooooooooooo totally true. 😉

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