Thursday Night…

I changed the profile picture… I was tired of looking at myself (because I have realized that I need to get my eyebrows waxed..they are getting too bushy). The new picture is from Dublin. It’s the fountain (well.. the TOP of the fountain) in St. Stephen’s Square (or some saint.. can’t quite remember).

Week 2 of school is over. Only 15 more to go. My weeks fly by…I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday already. It’s just going to be a 3 day study weekend for me again… I might go see a movie on Saturday afternoon… not sure yet. I would like to see Frost/Nixon.

I got an interesting card in the mail today… It was a discount card for $100 off my Cellcept medication. It’s one of the immune suppressant drugs that I take for my heart transplant. When I was transplanted someone signed me up for this group with the pharm company that makes Cellcept (Roche labs?)…Anyway, I’m going to try and see if my mail order company will take it for my next order…. Who knows? It might actually work.

I booked my trip for Spring Break this year… I’m going to Quebec again to see my friends…but this time I’m flying into Montreal rather than drive up there. UGH… $212 is well worth the time saved (9+ hours in the car).

That’s about it from here. Have a good weekend.


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