If you were my lecture on ABG interpretation.. where would you be hiding?????  I can’t seem to find you anywhere.

Tonight is LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait…but I need to study ABG first.

Watched all the hoopla yesterday. I think another reason I’m upset at the Left is that they just flat out disrespect the office of the Presidency if someone they don’t like is holding that office. I hated MSNBC for showing people singing the song that they sing when the White Sox win a game to shoo the other team off the field (they showed this as Bush was leaving DC). He was your President for better or worse for 8 years. He tried his best. It’s always easier playing Monday morning quarterback when the football isn’t in your hands. He was not & is not a dumb man. Someone on Facebook said “I’m so glad that intelligence is in again”….  It was never away.. I don’t like Obama…but I don’t think he is stupid and I will not disrespect him. He won 53% to 47%… so, there is still a heck of a lot of people out there he needs to convince that he is doing what is right… I guess we are the stupid 47% who have no clue.

Ok… off my soap box… need to study because LOST starts tonight.. Ooops… already said that.


4 responses to “ok?

  1. Why should you have respect for someone just because they’re president?

    • Because the man (or woman) who holds the office of the President of the United States should be respected. The person of who holds the highest office is basically giving up their private life to serve the American people. For the last 8 years, George Bush kept this country safe..without another attack on US soil. He served his country and doesn’t deserve to be sent off with a childish song (which should be reserved for teams losing to the White Sox). Like I said, you don’t have to like your president, but you should respect the magnitude of the job that office carries.

  2. All jokes aside for a moment (because I agree that it is sad that we as a nation have forgotten the concept of the “Loyal Opposition”) President Bush presented many challanges relative to respecting him. It can not be argued that he shredded the constitution and the concept of personal freedom under the guise of protection.
    He also took every opportunity to rule this Democracy as a demogogue, taking the idea of it will be that way because I said so to levels not seen before in this country. He has said in the past that he never aspired to be president. His obvious motives were to avenge his fathers loss to Clinton(whom would have ever pictured that HW and Bill would become best buddies) and, I’m sorry, thats just not a good enough reason. Given the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court, he still neede to put a special FU exclamation point on it. I will not argue that Roberts is not a qualified jurist who, despite my ideological differences, will seve the court well, but honestly, were there more qualified choices for Chief justice? He made mistakes(as all Presidents do) but then compounded them by digging in his heels and refusing to rectify them. I don’t believe he is a horrible person but, in America, we lead by example and, I believe he set a pretty poor example. He did some good things, no doubt, but they were obliteratd by his FU if you don’t agree with me style(a style he held firm to through his final national address.
    I was impressed by his failure to abuse the pardon process, he showed good judgement unlike his predecessor whom I voted for twice. Overall though I would say he was not respected as a President due to the lack of respect he showed for the office itself.
    I am somewhat befuddled by your deep loyalty to a President under whose ideals you would most likely be dead though. You are an organ recipient, he is against meaningful medical research. You are in grad school on loans, despite the rhetoric, he would just assume higher education be reserved for the gentry. Your a White Sox fan, how would you know what song is played to taunt teams losing to them???????
    I voted for McCain, but only because Obama was the accidental Senator and I truly believe he needs another 10 years of experience.

    • Ok.. I agree with a lot that you wrote. You’re more level headed than I am. And, before I forget… you really know how to sneak in a jab at the White Sox in a middle of a post… don’t you? 🙂

      Bush was against stem-cell research because of the involvement of embryos… In his worldview & in a hell of a lot of Americans, life begins at conception…. so, those embryos are possible viable human beings… Heart transplantation was happening before this argument and will continue long after Obama reverses whatever Bush signed. I think I’m probably alive because of the medical system in America (flawed that it is)… I don’t think I would be better off under an Obama plan of government-based medicine (which, I can’t remember what he proposed).

      Being from Illinois, Obama still has a lot to answer re: his part in the whole Blago mess. I think he’s intelligent, slick….but intelligent nonetheless…. I wish he had more experience (especially foreign & defense) under his belt….but time will tell.

      Now… I need to go rewatch the 05 World Series DVDs… I think we sang the “goodbye song” quite a many times back then. 😉

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