Randomness on a Sunday Morning

1. In the last 3 days, I’ve driven almost 500 miles. Once to Baltimore on Thursday night to meet an old HS friend for dinner. And then yesterday to DC for a Baby shower. I’m tired of being in the car.

2. Totally recommend the restaurant from Thursday night. We ate in Little Italy. Can’t remember the name of the place (which, I know…doesn’t help you all)…but the most amazing food… Yummy.

3. I hate the new logo for Tropicana OJ. They went too retro with it. It’s a totally 70s look. Yes, I can about how my OJ containers looks. I’ve stopped buying Tropicana.

4. Have to work tonight 3-11.30pm. I’m missing both football games. I’m hoping for Arizona-Philly. And, of course, I want Arizona to win. It’s all about Kurt Warner. It would be amazing to have him win his 2nd SuperBowl 10 years after he won his first.

5. I’m not a big fan of hummus anymore. Found that out yesterday. Used to LOVE the stuff.

6. I love my Orla Kiely bag. I know… I’m a bag snob.

7. Cried when I found out all the people on the plane that crashed into the Hudson survived. Totally, utterly amazing.

8. Not a big fan of Chris Matthews. Two words for him: Carolyn Kennedy.

9. George Bush was not the worst president.

10. There are still 3,000 abortions performed everyday. I thought it was less. Kind of shocking really.

11. I still don’t think abortion should be illegal.

12. LOST starts this week. Excited. Excited. Excited.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your day.


One response to “Randomness on a Sunday Morning

  1. He certainly was not the worst president. What with Hoover and Carter (no he’s the worst ex-president if not human being).

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