Happy New Year’s Eve

You all in the East Coast will be celebrating (or sleeping) an hour earlier than I will. And, those in London…well, Happy 2009 already.

Life in Chicago these past two weeks has been eventful. Weather, house fire (not my parents… behind us on Christmas Eve), Christmas Dinner, the-one-about-the-iron (which will be talked about years to come), shopping, shopping, and more shopping.

I’ve given new meaning to the word lazy. I’ve watched the USA Network marathons the last couple of days… which means… I don’t leave the couch for 8 hours. Tomorrow is the Monk marathon…  I think I will have trouble deciding what to watch: Football or Monk????? Tough choices for the first day of 2009.

I’m all dressed up and will be heading out of the house in 20 minutes to a party downtown. I have my $25 blush on..which, I’m sure by the time I arrive in the city will be practically impossible to see. The name of the blush (which.. I think is quite funny) is “orgasm”….  Nars has a whole line of “orgasm” cosmetics…  I guess it’s quite popular…. but I digress.

The Bears bit the big one last Sunday. All they needed to do is win. So, I see the Eagles made it in… Poo.

Here’s to 2009. Here’s to my last semester of nursing school. Decisions, decisions, decisions…  I’m excited about what this year will bring. I’m glad that I went to school and took a huge leap of faith. I’m confident that my continued “leaping” will bring adventure and excitement and some craziness to my new year.

I hope you all have a joyous and safe 2009.

Ta-ta for now!


2 responses to “Happy New Year’s Eve

  1. And because this is a family blog, I will walk past this open window and ignore any urge I might have to comment on you rubbing orgasm all over your cheeks. 🙂

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