One More Day.

Tomorrow is my last exam. Microbiology. Today’s exams went ok… The peds was harder than I expected… tricky really. Those grades will not be up until Friday. The HESI test I took I passed. The HESI is a *practice* test that is supposed to predict our success on the NCLEX (Nursing Licence Exam). To pass the HESI we need to get at least an 850… This is our 4th HESI and I did not pass the first three (821, 749, 624). I’m ok with that because previous classes have said that it has no bearing with whether you will pass the NCLEX on the first try….  I know people who have failed EVERY one of them and have passed NCLEX on the first try… anyway, that’s besides the point. I passed today. I got a 921 on the Pediatric HESI… Totally excited about that…

After the test was over I walked around the city for a bit… Went to the Comcast Center to see their Christmas display on the gigantic TV screen in their lobby. It’s really amazing… Takes up the whole wall. Then went to lunch in their basement at DiBruno (sp?) Brothers. Had chicken curry salad & got curry sauce on my sweater.

Nothing else exciting to write about. I’m off to study for tomorow’s exam.



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