A big shout out to SEPTA

For people not from here (ie.. Philadelphia)…. SEPTA is the amazing regional transportation system that we have. I am so thankful to be able to walk out my door and jump on the train and get to Center City in a reasonable amount of time. It’s times like this morning that I love knowing that SEPTA is there to get me to my destination…. albeit 30 minutes late without explanation which made me late for my final exam in pharmacology.

Isn’t there somewhere where I can ask for a refund for my ticket when the train is that late??????  Yes, I planned ahead and decided to take the train that would get me into the city at 8.26…PLENTY of time for a leisurely stroll down 10th Street to the building where my exam was being  held. Well, 7.47am went… 8am went by… finally, the train came at 8.23am this morning. Thank goodness there are intelligent people in the SEPTA system and ran the train express from Morton because frankly the train wouldn’t hold any more people…  I got to Market East at 8.53… and RAN to my exam…  got there at 9.01. So, I guess I wasn’t all that late…but my nerves were totally fried by that point.

Tomorrow my exam is at 8am… I’m taking the first train into the city at 5.30… just to be safe (and, yes… I’ll be up… I got up at 4am this morning).

One down… 3 more to go.


5 responses to “A big shout out to SEPTA

  1. So that whole “Big Shout Out to SEPTA” thing was sarcasm? Clearly you weren’t in Philly in ’92 when Septa went on strike during finals and I had to walk from the Parkway to North Philly in the snow.

    • Yes, it was total sarcasm. I entered the classroom right behind all the teachers… so, I did start the test with everybody else…. but it totally threw me off to be that late to the test. And, no… I was a shy college student in Chicago in the winter of ’92. I have a new respect for you that you would trudge all that way in the snow to get to Temple!!! 😉

  2. Uphill, both directions….

  3. Scott:
    “Uphill, both directions….”

    That might sound like hyperbole, but I would not be surprised if that were true. We are talking about Philly of course.

    I did not know you are an Owl.

  4. Cherry and White courses through my veins (except for a bit of graduate, Terrapin Red).

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