Still alive…

& still studying….  will be until Friday morning when it’s all over for the semester. Unfortunately, one of my crazy study habits is to recopy all my powerpoint lectures by hand… writing them out helps me memorize…  well, I just finished my peds lectures for the exam on Wednesday…. 25 pages on both sides handwritten!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UGH.  Now it’s Pharm the rest of tonight & all of tomorrow. Pharm test is 9am on Tuesday morning.

Nothing else too exciting to write about. The book is shut on the guy from before Thanksgiving. I texted him a message saying “hey, i’m assuming that you do not want to go to the movies since I haven’t heard from you. It was nice meeting you.” That’s all I said. Anyway, yes, I would rather have a guy tell me that he doesn’t want to date me again rather than say “Hey, Yes… I’ll DEFINITELY call you… We’ll go to a movie.. we’ll be in touch.”  & then do the exact opposite… Unfortunately, those are the type of guys I’ve been meeting lately. For lack of a better term: liars.

Ok.. that was harsh. But you know what, if that what dating is all about… I don’t want any part of it. Yes, I know I want a relationship… Yes, I know I cry over sappy Christmas commercials & watch all the romantic Christmas movies on Lifetime…  but, if people can’t be fundamentally honest with each other why even try? I *thought* Michael was the one. I hoped he was. He turned out to be just like the guy from above… although he kept it hidden for a little longer.

I’m not even a great catch anyways… I’m in debt, have medical issues, not gorgeous thin, can’t have children, & want an engagement ring that costs $10K.

Blah… back to studying.


3 responses to “Still alive…

  1. You want one that costs 10K or one thats worth 10K(back to the mall jewelry store thing)

    • Hey… where is the Scott wisdom that I’ve come to know & love???? 🙂 I’ve had *my* ring picked out for years. It’s from Ritani. From the Endless Love collection…. very modern lines but also pretty traditional. You would find it at the finer stores. I also found one that I loved from Blue Nile online…but it ran a little high. The setting for the Ritani ring is 5K (I think???)… then there is the matter of the center stone…

      Mind you… this will all go the wayside if my would be husband finds me and is poorer than poor but is as intelligent as I am, can hold a decent conversation, doesn’t care that I like sports, and can recite lame lines from 80’s John Hughes’ movies. 😉

      Now..back to Food Network Christmas Ornament Challenge (and Pharmacology!)

  2. hi, that’s a respectable occupation. There is whatsoever mistakes but the important is here.

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