It all started with no hot water…

You know you’re going to have a bad day when there is no hot water for a bath or shower and it’s only 21 degrees outside…I’m going to check again at 10.30 (40 minutes from now) to see…if not, I’ll call it and just wash up in the sink with the cold water and a washcloth.

From that minor disaster to a pretty major one. I went online to reorder one of my prescription meds and found out that the prescription was canceled. So, I called the company and immediately got ticked off. Which, with me seems to be the norm when dealing with these companies… my blood pressure rises about 20 points. Basically, I was being thorough and got new prescriptions to all my maintenance drugs at the beginning of the school year when I changed insurance companies (went off COBRA to my school plan). So, I called to refill one of those prescriptions. The other three I didn’t need at the time (in Sept) but would need eventually. So, the woman on the phone said that they would just mail the prescriptions back to me. Well, that never happened. I go online today & see that the other 3 were cancelled. I called. I get mad. Then I get really mad. They never told me that they were going to cancel the prescriptions. Now, I’m two weeks away of running out of my meds… and it takes over a week to get a new prescription filled from UPENN. So, after all my yelling and screaming I’m back to square one.. no meds & none ordered.

Nothing else too exciting to write about (not that the above was all that exciting to begin with). I guess you can all guess since I haven’t said otherwise… he never called me for a 2nd date. And, no matter what people say… I’m not going to call him. Anyway, I’m not waiting around for him to call..I’m better than that.

That’s it for now. And Elizabeth, if logistics weren’t an issue.. I would be setting something up with Erica & Kimberly in a New York Minute. It’s hard when I live here and they are in two different cities in Ohio.

Have a good Monday. Try to stay warm.


6 responses to “It all started with no hot water…

  1. that’s so annoying! i join you in your frustration at the pharm people.

  2. I know Penn can be laborously slow and, occasionally, less than thorough, but HF/HT normally calls/faxes in a script in 24 hrs. As for frustration with mail order, I have been accused by the Caremark lady of using too much insulin(which is odd since the endocrin Dr. often accuses me of using too little). Feel free to use the pharmacy cust. service rep. as a verbal punching bag. It will make you feel much better and can not possibly slow down the refill process.

    • Ok… I’ll bite… how do you know so much about HF/HT @ Penn? Actually, I was quite impressed this morning… A nurse called me back and *said* she would call in the prescriptions… I will call my insurance company back tomorrow to see if they actually were called in. I actually felt bad berating the poor woman this morning… their office is in the Pacific Time Zone… so, it wasn’t even 7am there and I was yelling at her.

  3. What can I say, I’m a rennisance man.

  4. It’s my Tempul Edukasion coming through.

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