Lazy Saturday.

It’s 11am & I’ve been sitting at my computer all morning long (since 8.30). I’ve been looking up stupid stuff.. apartments in Chicago, Indianapolis. Researching hospitals in Indy, Chicago. I looked up what’s on TV today… I looked at my almost empty ING account. I did well for myself this semester… I will end with over $1000 left from my Fall loan money…  So, that’s one positive. I wasted 30 minutes on, I rearranged my Netflix queue (twice). I talked to my mom. I submitted my online journal/evaluation for school. I finished my NCLEX questions that are due next week (we had to do 400 this semester–I did 404 just because I’m that much of an overachiever).

So, now I’m in a quandry.. do I eat breakfast or wait until Noon and just eat lunch?

And, John… unlike you, my mind doesn’t revolve around sex 24/7. So, please refrain from making comments like that? Thanks. They aren’t funny any more.

***In other news: haircut went well. The area & the salon are a few steps down from what I’m used to (remember: snob when it comes to my hair), but I liked the guy who cut it. He’s pretty down to earth and gave me some good tips.

Ta-ta for now.


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