I feel like I’m cheating…

On my hairdresser… I’m trying out a new hair salon tomorrow. I have been going to the same salon for probably 5 years now. I bring this up because I coming home from the city just now on the train I was sitting next to the most fabulous hair dresser I have EVER had…  Long story short.. this man (Eric) cut my hair & and dealt with all my curls in such a way… he was amazing…  Anyway, he “mysteriously” left my fabulous salon in the burbs and was never seen nor heard of since. I found out eventually that he was fired from that salon but never could be slick enough to ask where he went.

Blah, blah, blah… Anyway, I started going to his assistant, who, although her haircut was less expensive, it just wasn’t the same.. it was good… just not great. I have resisted changing b/c I love her and really like the salon.

So… I should have gotten my courage to act up and speak to Eric on the train today & say “hey… you used to cut my hair… where are you working now????” But I didn’t. I remained quiet & he stayed on the train as I departed.

Soooo to finish this story… I am trying a new salon tomorrow. A new stylist. We shall see. Kinda scared. Totally utterly vain about my hair. Always have been. Will spend lots of money for the right person to cut it.

***In other news:

To John Smith: yes, you are right.. although I hate to admit that on a family blog here.

To Scott: I never answered the question that you answered. Right now it’s 25% church friends & 75% others. I have found since I have had to step back because of school most of my church friends have gone by the wayside…(and here’s a public thank you to the ones who have remained and encouraged me to continue pressing on with school). The 75% others are former members of my church, classmates, and others who were paid generously to befriend me (ok… just kidding with the last one).

That’s it from here. Going to Macy’s again… In search of one of my Christmas presents from my mom… A cashmere scarf that she waited too long to buy at her store in Chicago and is sold out… It was sold out downtown when I went yesterday.. I’m hoping that it’s at my local store. Oh well, if it’s not there, that means I really didn’t need it!!!



3 responses to “I feel like I’m cheating…

  1. wait… you’re paying friends…. man…

    oh wait… you do help out with the kiddos…

    i’ll take that over $$ anyday 🙂 haha

    i hear you about the hair thing… you pay for a cheap cut, you get a cheap cut. i wish you’d asked him on the train, b/c now i’m curious too.

    and we still need to figure out a time to do dinner.

  2. Maybe you should seek relief for your *physical* need.

  3. Suprised that I have not gottten involvolved in this one????????????

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