I apologize..

A good friend of mine said some people might not get my sense of humor and would be offended about the post re: the fetus cookie cutter…  I am sorry if you were offended.. that wasn’t my intent at all… I just thought it was one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a long time…  totally off-the-wall wacky.

ps… on another note… Hands down the BEST cupcakes in Philadelphia: Flying Monkey @ Reading Terminal Market. If you are in a suburb.. please venture into Philadelpia once in awhile you really don’t know what you are missing.


4 responses to “I apologize..

  1. I saw a post on those cookie cutters on cake wrecks… so wacky but with the right people it would be funny to have cookies shaped like that! =)

  2. flying monkey is awesome.

    i mean, i could see people being offended if you created the fetus cookie cutter… but…. you’re just pointing out what’s already there… we certainly have baked goods for everything else 🙂 haha!

  3. I like Flying Monkey so much I bought 4 cupcakes today and they will be all gone by tomorrow night. Totally yummy.

  4. The fetus cookie cutter is not offensive. If people get upset by something like that it’s usually because they are too sensitive and self-important.

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