In 20 days…

I’ll be going back to Chicago for 2 whole weeks. I can’t wait. I think I’ll start the countdown now.

No call yet for date #2. He’s not calling… I feel it in my gut. (weirdly enough.. it’s the OPPOSITE feeling I had when Michael said he would call and never did… I *knew* that he would call & then disappointment followed on so many levels).

Got up at 5am to do school work…  It’s back to reality. One test this week on Thursday. Microbiology.

I really love my little Christmas tree. It’s cute, it was a breeze to set up, and I’m more excited that it’s going to be a breeze to take down. I’ve been watching all my Christmas romance movies this week.. Currently, playing on the DVD is “While You Were Sleeping” my 2nd favorite Chicago movie (after “Return to Me”).

I spent an hour today oogling (is that a word?) over the Orla Kiely bag I still have not bought yet. Maybe for Christmas. I guess I do have some self control when it comes to expensive purses.

Tonight I’ll be observing in the in patient oncology unit at CHOP. I wonder how long it will take me before I start crying after seeing all these kids who are going to die.

Tomorrow I’ll be observing with transport at CHOP… The people who go to other hospitals to pick up sick kids… I’ll get to ride in a ambulance all day… v. cool.

That’s about it. Ta-ta for now.


5 responses to “In 20 days…

  1. Why would Jefferson Nursing send you to CHOP? Aren’t they affiliated with St. Chris?

  2. i think it’s “ogling”…

    i love “return to me”…makes me cry.

    woohoo for vacation 🙂

  3. Jefferson isn’t affiliated with either St. Chris or CHOP. Jefferson NU will send students to anywhere they can get in…actually, most of the Jeff students DO NOT get to CHOP… Jefferson Medical College sends their students to DuPont in Wilmington….

    Yea, I love that movie on so many levels.

  4. My favorite Christmas movie of the romance genre is “Love Actually”….because, love actually is all around us.

  5. Ahhh… Yes, I definitely can’t forget “Love Actually”… we watched it Thanksgiving night.. it’s totally one of my favorite Christmas movies… LOVE everything about it!!! 🙂

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