It’s never a good sign…

…when, at 11.30pm, you are driving home and see 5 police cars at the local Wendy’s… and then a helicopter with a spotlight that you only see in the movies roving overhead (actually, I hear the copter right now outside my bedroom window). They are definitely looking for someone. Totally is freaking me out right now. I’ve never been in the proximity of the spotlight of a search helicopter before…but it went right over me as I was driving down Baltimore made my section of the street look like it was daytime.

Today was a lazy, lazy Saturday… I was sooo bored I actually cleaned my room. It’s about 3/4 of the way finished. I took the time to sort all the clothes on my floor (imagine clothes… LOTS of clothes…I actually had parted the fictional “red sea” to have a path leading to my bed). I have this nasty habit of throwing everything on the floor when I take it off or on the ironing board, or the chair, or the IV pole from when I was sick (it’s great when I actually ironed stuff… I could hang it on the IV pole). After that I changed my mind about the Christmas tree this year.. so, I went to Target and bought a nice looking 4 1/2 foot tree to put in my living room. I never mind putting up the tree…but I loathe taking it down. I figure this small one will be tons easier to put away come January & when I get a new place I can use the smaller tree in my bedroom. After that was finished, I went to Jamie & Suzy’s to watch “Hancock” (saw it before… I thought it was good).

Elizabeth: no date this week. He was in the Boston suburbs all week for the holiday visiting his family. I’m hoping that maybe we can go out again on Friday night (12/5)?. He said that he would call. But from my previous experiences, men never call me when they say they will call… if they call at all. No pessimism in that statement…just deep seated reality. So, to be perfectly clear: I hope he calls again & I hope we go out again.

Tomorrow I need to get my arse in gear… I haven’t really done any school work in over a week. I did a little bit on Friday morning but not enough to constitute “studying”.

That’s about it from my end of town…Β  I really wish I knew what was going on outside… I feel like I’m in South Central LA instead of sleepy Media, PA. (ok…Β  NOT South Central…but I was totally scared coming into my apartment tonight in the dark–lots of bushes & trees for convicts to hide).


8 responses to “It’s never a good sign…

  1. My dear, you clearly have never attended Temple Univ. or you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with out the quiet whir of the Police Helicopter.

    The Red Sea is not fictional…I have been in it. Without the Red Sea, there would be no need for the Suez Canal and hordes of Somali Pirates would be unemployed and seeking U.S assistance.

    Glad to hear you cleaned up the clothes on the floor since, as you are nearing a third date, theyt are about to be replaced. πŸ™‚ (jk, unless its true in which case mazel tov)

  2. ha-ha… i know the red sea is real… i was talking about my “fictional red sea” of all my clothes lying on the floor.

    i went to a private university in a good section of need for police helicopters. i am a snob when it comes to college education. πŸ˜‰

    And.. don’t get give me hope… there hasn’t even been a 2nd date yet!!!!

  3. I went to Temple and turned out okay…..and I’m a snpb when it comes to most everything. πŸ™‚

    It appears though that your okay with the third date everbodies clothes strewn on the floor thing though….does that mean my work here is done?

  4. Not to belabor the point but…Columbia…Yale….Penn

  5. Yes, all fine institutions of higher learning. I went a nice, private Catholic school in Chicago where all I had to worry about were drunk Cubs fans.

    Also, there has not been a 2nd date yet. So, in my world 2 comes before 3.


  6. Yet your avoiding the real issue…inquiring minds want to know. We could expand blog readership 10X.

  7. Didn’t he ask YOU out again? (as opposed to you asking HIM out again?) He will call.

  8. His exact words were “Would you like to go to a movie?” & then he added “at another time.” Soo… I think that’s a 2nd date..

    Scott… you need a girlfriend. πŸ˜‰

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