My day…

7am up.

8am eat breakfast

9am shower

10am drove to Macy’s

11am Left Macy’s with the following purchases: black cashmere turtleneck sweater, green sweater with buttons (wish I could explain it better because it’s cool), grey long sleeved t-shirt to wear for work.

12.10pm Sitting in the movie theatre with awesome plastic 3D glasses on waiting for “Bolt” to begin.

12.45pm Thinking that this is a heck of a creative movie… LOVED IT.

2pm… left movie theatre.

2.30pm… stopped at Staples to get more printer paper.

3pm…home..took a nap

4pm… up from nap.

4.30pm… cooked dinner (two homemade egg rolls).

5.22pm (NOW!!).. waiting to leave for work in 8 minutes.

That was my day. Hope yours was just as fun. Later, gators.


3 responses to “My day…

  1. No date?

  2. If you liked ‘Bolt,’ you will also like ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘Wall-e.’ Just suggestions.

  3. I saw Wall-E and loved it.. I think it is one of the more thoughtful Pixar movies..

    I haven’t heard of “Spirited Away”

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