Almost Turkey Day…

So, I just got back from fighting the crowds at the local Acme. I also needed to go to Target..but thought better of it when I saw the traffic.

I’m spending Thanksgiving tomorrow with my friends Jamie & Sue in Havertown. I’m bring the cresent rolls & the dessert… I’m making chocolate raspberry cheesecake & also a pan of chocolate brownies just in case the kids don’t like the cheesecake.

Today I went with Jamie and Suzy to see their oldest child in his Thanksgiving production at school. He’s in 1st grade and was a *turkey* complete with the feathers made out of the Acme shopping bag. It was really cute and some of the kids were hilarious.

I think I’m still recovering from my hellish week (ie.. last week with all my exams)…  I haven’t touched a book since Friday morning before my last Peds test. I definitely have some busy work and I have a micro exam when I get  back next week..but it’s been nice to sleep late & to not study whatsoever.

Nothing else totally exciting to report…  So, from my little piece of the Internet to your home wherever you might be have a Happy Thanksgiving! Even in these hard times we definitely have tons of things to be thankful for.

Bye for now.


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