At Marathon Grill…

I’m sitting here at Marathron Grill with classmates. We are just hanging out. We all had exams today.

Re: the date…I don’t want a boyfriend to just have a boyfriend. This man made a comment that didn’t sit well with me. He said (after he saw a picture of me) “you should be honored that I called you again, because if I didn’t like what I saw I would have said I was busy.”

The test was ok. I think I passed. By for now.


3 responses to “At Marathon Grill…

  1. He was trying to compliment you without sounding to pathetic having never met you yet. Don’t loo for problems. If they are there they will rear themselves without any help.

  2. yes, let us know how the date goes! Keep an open mind!

  3. 6am. No update. Someone is not alone?????????

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