Almost 3pm

Well, one test down… two more to go. Today I had Pharmacology test #5. Tomorrow I have Microbiology Test #6 (or #7… I’ve lost count) and then on Friday I have Pediatrics Test #2. Pharm test was ok… I either got 100 or 90%…  I think I screwed one question up… but I since I completely forget my answers the minute I get out of the test I can’t remember which answers I wrote down.

After micro lab today I was walking down Walnut Street and suddenly got an urge for the tortilla soup at El Vez (13th & Sansom). Well, it’s a Stephen Starr restaurant.. and I’ve been there a few times before and it’s always been the same… (forgive me if you are a server at a Stephen Starr restaurant) the servers are just plain rude. Maybe it’s *cool* to not say “Hello, my name is…… & I’m here to help you” at his restaurants. Maybe El Vez is just too hip for us not hip people to go there? Anyway, all I wanted was a Diet Coke & tortilla soup… not a big huge lunch… I felt like he was offended because I wasn’t going to order anything other than that. Plus he never introduced himself…  Anyway, I countered his attitude with the exact opposite. I gave him a 50% tip. Regardless, it still befuddles me why they can’t be nice there… men & women alike (The hostess as extremely nice… but I have YET to have a nice server). I guess I could just never go back.. but their tortilla soup is one of the best around.. So, I guess it’s my own fault if I keep going back.

That’s it… Ta-ta for now.

***update @ 6pm: got my pharm grade… I failed. 70%. Ouch. 3 wrong.. totally don’t know how that happened.


2 responses to “Almost 3pm

  1. Slightly off topic (but probably a better tortilla soup) Food Network has resigned Chef Irvine due to popular demand. Dinner Impossible returns with Ribert in March…….

  2. Seriously??? That’s cool. I like Irvine better than that other guy. I guess all can be forgiven in resume padding (as long as you can cook well & for a lot of people). 😉

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