Almost 7am Monday morning

I got up at 5.30 to work on a project that is due at 1pm (well…when I arrive at CHOP today for my clinicals). I’m almost finished but the longest part is yet to come….

I was in Chicago/Indianapolis over the weekend. It was cold and rainy and nice to be back in the Midwest. Saturday night was the marching band Grand National Championships. They were held at the new Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indy Colts). I have to say.. the stadium is beautiful. The competition was great…  My old h.s. placed 4th.. which is ok.

Saw a couple of movies while at home: Quantum of Solace… Ok… C+… not much of a story, lots of action. Not a typical Bond movie… but Daniel Craig isn’t a typical Bond. On Saturday when we were in Indy, we had time to kill and it was too cold/rainy to walk outside… so, we went to see “Role Models”… A… it was hilariously funny… not for the faint of heart in terms of potty humor…but Paul Rudd was great… I have always loved his deadpan humor (since “Clueless” way back when).

Oh.. and to the person who commented on my blog saying that “u stink”… I deleted it for a few reasons… Grammer matters on my little website. Also, I know that I stink most of the time and that sometimes as a human being I can be downright nasty.

That’s it today… Enjoy your Monday.


4 responses to “Almost 7am Monday morning

  1. Hey, I’ve never been deleted. I must be doing okay.

  2. 😉 I think I have only deleted 4 comments in my time (and that one was the first I actually mentioned deleting)… And, yes… you are pretty reliable to say something funny or inspiring (!!!!).

  3. Was that or inspiring or awe inspiring?

  4. your not nasty, you say it as is, its real and i like it!

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