Veterans’ Day or is it Veteran’s Day?

And, to think… I used to be so good in the placement of my apostrophes.

Nothing overly exciting to report in my little corner of the world. Last night was my 2nd night at the children’s hospital. I had a really cute kid as a patient and got to hold some really, really, really, really cute babies… Evening rotations are a little more laid back.. so, we have more time to actually play. Which is fine by me.

The interesting news of the week…. my clinical instructor wants to set me up on a blind date w/ one of her friends. He supposed works at DuPont Children’s Hospital & does something with all the traumas that come into the ED. So, me being the spontaneous girl that I am… said sure. It’s just a date. Who knows even if he will call..  but it would be funny if he actually did. And, I guess it can’t hurt getting my mind off Michael for the time being.

I’m looking forward to getting out of dodge for the weekend. I’m flying to Chicago on Thursday afternoon. I need to really study while I’m there and hopefully do some shopping in the city on Friday with my mom.

Ta-ta for now.. seriously.. it’s been a slow news week.


2 responses to “Veterans’ Day or is it Veteran’s Day?

  1. hmmm…. i think it’s veterans with no apostrophe.
    i hope you have a good trip! =)

  2. Ahhh.. Jess is right… just looked it up.. .it’s “Veterans Day” with NO apostrophe…

    But I’m thinking why… if it is their day… it’s possessive… so shouldn’t it have an apostrophe???

    Just wondering…

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