Ok. I never said I wanted to be a pediatric nurse

Or maybe I did (I can’t remember… at the beginning what I wanted to do changed constantly)…

I bombed the first test… and when I say bombed… I mean BOMBED.

76%. Remember guys… in nursing school passing is 73% for me. I knew it the minute I left the classroom that I didn’t do great.. It was a weird test for me.

Oh well… can’t win them all. I must be growing because I’m not freaking out that I scored a 76% which is my lowest nursing grade since entering school.

In other news… I think Vera Bradley is trying to take over the world. They are now offering handpainted Christmas ornaments For the single men out there..Vera Bradley makes handbags…  for the men who are engaged, married (Jamie.. I don’t think Sue likes these bags.. nothing to worry about there), want to be married get to know Vera Bradley.

That’s all she wrote today… Have a great Saturday.


3 responses to “Ok. I never said I wanted to be a pediatric nurse

  1. Single and straight and still knows who/what Vera Bradly is.

  2. That’s amazing. I’m sure you’ll get to use that engagement ring soon enough. You can hide it in a pocket of the new Vera Bradley tote bag! 🙂

  3. A “European man bag?”

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