Ok..Ok..OK… the people have spoken.

I will continue… because I know you are all sooo excited to continue to know these things: like today… I missed getting 100% on TWO separate tests because I did stupid things on each… First on pharmacology, literally I was explaining this concept to my friend and then guess what it appears on the test… Do you think that I would choose the answer that I just gave to my friend?  NOPE… I don’t know what I was thinking… but I got a 90% & a swift kick in the head from Jill who got a 100% because she did pick the correct answer because of what I told her 2 minutes before we got the test. On the other test… I totally didn’t read one whole sentence of the problem… got a 95% instead of a 100%.  UGH.

Yes, Michael was an arse towards me…  He did a few things that I really wish he hadn’t done. I miss him horribly.. Me being me… have said some things in anger that I really didn’t mean (don’t we all?)… but that being said.. you are all correct. This is my blog. And I like writing in it… if he’s reading it.. fine… if he’s not… fine also..

I think my post yesterday was more self pity… being 37 and single… and yet another failed relationship by a guy who promises way more than they can give.

I need to remember to not let my heart get stomped on.

It’s easier said than done.

Ok… need to run… two more tests this week (if anyone is keeping count.. that was FOUR in one week). Nursing school is hell… which doesn’t prepare you for the NCLEX hell…which means you have to drop another $400 for the Kaplan course so you can pass the NCLEX…. but I digress…

Microbiology exam tomorrow at 8am…  Peds test on Friday morning at 8am…


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