Because I have 10 minutes to kill…

I have 10 minutes before I need to leave to be at an appointment… so, here are some “oh-so-boring” things and/or ideas (some which I might have repeated in older posts… who knows).

1. I never wear matching black socks. They will be black socks..but the patterns will always be different. I don’t have time to match my socks… so, I throw all the black ones into a pile and pick two in the morning when I’m getting dressed. (I told you.. it’s a boring fact).

2. I’m not so into this World Series. I’m happy the Phillies are in it..but besides that.. it hasn’t been all that exciting. I just hope that they get a chance to finish it off tonight. It would be nice to be over with baseball for a season.

3. I’m working in the ER on Halloween night. Yes, I volunteered for it. I know. I’m crazy.

4. Black Licorce is my favorite. Especially the Scottie Dogs at Trader Joes.

5. Even though I have a Blackberry & used to own a PDA (which is now an expensive paperweight) I still write my calendar events down in a filofax (my beloved cherry color that I bought at Harrods 3 years ago).

6. I have no idea where I’ll be living next summer.

7. I have no idea where I’ll be working next summer.

8. I’m scared crapless about the NCLEX.

9. I ate the most amazing overpriced rice krispie treat from Starbucks today…  Chewy & buttery…

10. Looking forward to the return of  “30 Rock” on Thursday night. I think it’s probably the most creative comedy on TV right now.

11. I miss Arrested Development.

12. I still haven’t bought my Orla Kiely back yet. I would ask for it for Christmas… but my parents will totally balk at the price tag.

13. I can’t find my tall black boots. If you saw my room you would know why.

14. Maybe not finding my tall black boots is God’s way of telling me I can buy a new pair that I saw on

15. What’s the deal with when I was walking through Lord & Taylor (a department store for all you men out there) in NYC there was a perfume spritzer lady like every 5 feet???????  Another thing about me… I hate perfume. Don’t understand it the need to spend money on it.

16. Another food for the “evil” Trader Joe’s list: White Chicken Chili… Yum. I had it last night with sour cream and cheese dolloped on top.  A wonderful winter dinner. I only needed a fireplace.

17. I have 2 minutes left and then I need to leave & drive to King of Prussia.

18. My TMobile bill was only $83 this month… down from $122 last month… I still went over my minutes..  Next month should be lower (but, I am excited that it went down $83 is much more managable).

19. I think I want to be Duff’s secret girlfriend. His cakes are amazing.

Ta-ta for now. Enjoy your Wednesday night (I’ll probably be watching the Phillies and doing laundry).


One response to “Because I have 10 minutes to kill…

  1. I love a parade…………….

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