Rainy Evening…

I just finished with a really happy subject: pediatric burns. What joy. Anyway, instead of going to Jamie and Sue’s tonight I’m just going to stay in and watch the game. It’s raining right now so I don’t know if they will call the World Series game.. if they do, I’ll end up watching the PSU-OSU game. I think that actually might be more exciting than the baseball game.

So… yesterday I spend the day in NYC. I was pretty impressed with the Bolt Bus. It was late getting to 30th street in the morning.. which was only a problem because it was like 45 degrees outside and I had dressed for much warmer weather. It’s a great way to travel b/t the two cities and I’ll be taking it again.

The bus let us off at 36th & 8th Avenues… kitty corner from Madison Square Garden. I think we got there about 9.40ish… From there I walked and I walked and I walked and I walked all the way to 81st & 5th Avenues. It took me a little over an hour… I guess I could have figured out the subway to the museum…but it was a nice morning and I liked the exercise.

I got to the Met and walked about for about 90 minutes.. I can only take the Met in small doses.. the place is just sooo overwhelming. Here is my favorite place in the museum:

After the museum I found the correct subway and took it to Union Square to meet my friend Peter for lunch (Peter moved to NYC a few months ago… I haven’t seen him in probably 2 years…and probably it would be longer but I ran into him on the street randomly when I was walking in the city). At Union Square was a great Fall festival. There were a lot of food vendors and musicians…

So.. after lunch I walked back up 5th Avenue towards Times Square. I happened upon this place (THIS IS FOR YOU SCOTT!):

So, yes. There is a “Museum of Sex” in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.. i actually thought he was joking. I did go inside to see how much it cost to walk through the museum. It was a $15 admission fee.. which, after spending almost $25 to go the Met… I didn’t want to spend the extra money. I DID go into the gift shop… And, I’m amazed at what they were selling. The thing that made me chuckle was the “Losing Your Virginity” kit… it was packaged in an old fashioned tin lunch box… inside were a few unmentionable items along with a frameable certificate to document the time and day that they deed was done.

I took a 5pm bus back to Philly and then my train was at 8pm back to Media… by the time I got home I was wiped out…. so, I watched the Dinner Impossible episode that was filmed at Jefferson. This is the first one I have watched with the new guy… I also liked the old guy better. And really… banana pudding stuff???? It looked like yellow vomit. I would have NEVER ate that. The pork looked good… And so did the carrot soup… although I usually don’t like cold soups.

That’s about it for now.. It’s almost 8pm.. need to go see if the game was called due to rain (which, it’s not raining now… so, it’s probably still happening).



3 responses to “Rainy Evening…

  1. I would never joke about sex. Good to see that you were curious enough to go inside though.

    If we can get all viewers to send $1.00 to your pay pal account, will you buy a ticket next time???

  2. Ha-ha! 😉 I don’t think I have 15 readers…I promise… next time I go to NYC… I’ll venture in to the MofS.

  3. I love the Met and I love NYC…I wish I lived close enough to go there just for the day….

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