Procrastinating again…

Got back from the grocery store at 6.30… it’s now 7.30… still haven’t started studying… I know this will bite me in the arse come Wednesday (I have two exams on Wed, one on Thursday).

I talked on the phone with a classmate for a bit and then read the news… Awhile ago I posted about a Mormon who made a calendar of former missonaries… I can’t remember if they were undressed or not… but for some reason I think they were… Anyway, there was an article today… Brigham Young University took away his college degree because he is no longer a Mormon in good standing… Ok..I can see withholding the degree if you don’t pay your tuition ….but for not belonging to their religion anymore… (I just did a crappy job of summarizing the article on… sorry for that).

Ok.. I really should study now…

One more funny story… i was at the check out line at the Acme.. I had about 10 items… and there was a guy behind me… the checkout lady was this 60ish lady and she kept yelling at the man to get his cart for me to put my groceries in… I guess you had to be there… Anyway, we looked at each other and at this crazy woman before she put it together that we WEREN’T together… She says “ahh… I’m trying to matchmake at the grocery store… that’s going to get me in trouble.” It was worth a chuckle.

I must be getting better.. I’m chuckling at my singleness.


9 responses to “Procrastinating again…

  1. Did they let the nursing students go to Dinner:impossible?

  2. Thanks for reminding me about that!! I am going to record it on Wednesday night!

    How does a guy know about Dinner Impossible? I love that show (well… a little less since the original guy was a liar).

    And no.. we didn’t get to go…

    Now it’s time for bed.. up again at 4.15

  3. Extreme cooking is a guy sport.

  4. I loved Robert Irvine. Why do you think he was a liar?

  5. He was a liar, he lied on his resume. That being said, he was still the perfect host for the show.

  6. That’s too bad. He was a much better host than the new Iron Chef for Dinner Impossible. Mmmm… I wondered what happened to Robert.

  7. Wow. Who would have thought that an episode of DI could dredge up those unpleasant memories(think too much time in Gibbons Cafe)?

    TJU is to Iron Shef Sybin as HUP is to Irvine.

  8. I’m taping it. I’m watching the world series & studying micro. Actually the food at Gibbon (The Atrium) isn’t all that bad. I don’t know what it’s like from a patient perspective though.

  9. Actually, the food there is both good and cheap, however, when your waiting for the other shoe to drop……………

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