Killing time before I head to work…

I have to leave for work in about 25 minutes… so, instead of cleaning… I’m writing.

Part I: Things I did today.

4.30am: got up
studied until 6am
6.00am: got ready to go
6.30am: took the train into the city for school.
7.35am: spent $3.75 on a Tall, Not Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks
7.45am: got to class
7.56a: starting filling out those crazy little bubbles on my scantron form
8am: started my 2nd Neuro Test
8.13am: said to myself “oh crap…” when I skipped about 4 questions in a row b/c I didn’t know the answers
8.45am: turned in my test
9am: talked through some of the answers with classmates
10am: took the train back home
12pm: found out my grade on the test
1.15pm: drove to Delaware to buy my new digital camera (mine crapped out on me in Ireland)
1.45pm: left Best Buy with a new Canon camera.. v.v. happy.
2.30pm: got back home, ate lunch (potato pancakes w/ sour cream), & watched an episode of “Monk”
3.45pm: took a little nap
4.25pm: started fiddling with my new camera
5.30pm: started typing this entry.

Part II: Things that I believe
During this political season I’ve been trying formulate my beliefs on a few “controversial” issues… People who read this blog might disagree with me…but that’s fine. You are you and I am me (is that how it goes???). It’s OK to have different beliefs and still be friends (well.. in THEORY that’s how it’s supposed to work out).

So here are a few things that I believe in no order whatsoever:
1. I believe that homosexuals should be able to serve openly in the armed forces.
2. I believe that homosexuals should have equal rights and benefits but do not believe in gay marriage. That should be reserved for one man & one woman.
3. I don’t think Universal Health Care is the way to go. Our way isn’t great…everyone should have insurance…but there must be a better way than what Canada has or the European Model.
4. I do not think Roe v Wade should be overturned. Bottom line.. women are going to get abortions. Do I think they should get them? No. But should the procedure still be legal and be available? Yes. Are there cases when a woman’s life is at risk and she might need to have an abortion to remain alive? Yes.
The abortion rate is going down.. I think education is better than picketing abortion clinics. I think this issue should be tabled and not be a central issue for Republicans as it has been in the past.

Ok.. I think those are enough controversial statements for a day.

Part III: Things I should have done today instead of goof off.
1. Finished my care plan for Monday
2. Start & finish my HESI remediation because I failed the test.
3. Go to Staples and buy new ink cartridges for my printer.
4. Do laundry
5. Wash dishes
6. Clean the bathroom
7. Started studying for my 3 exams next week

Ok.. that’s it.

Oh.. before I forget… I got an “A” on my test!! 94%


One response to “Killing time before I head to work…

  1. Controversy is a good thing. In response to the initial post:

    1) Absolutly correct.
    2)If two people want to call themselves married, call themselves married. If they want to call themselves jellydoughnuts…well…you get the point.
    3)It takes someone who has experienced the full brunt of the U.S health care system to understand that Universal healthcare only improves the lives of healthy people. Those who utilize the system fare much better with private insurance. Obamas plan to provide Universal Healthcare and eliminate pre-exising condition exclusions, unless coupled with a requirement for all to participate, will collapse the entire system. Without fear of penalty, people have no need to purchase coverage until they need it(the entire marketing plan for Ceridian–we will get your COBRA continuents to screw up and lose coverage) Adverse selection then applies as opposed to the law of large numbers. Perhaps some sort of emaningful COBRA/ERISA reform would be a better use of the candidates energies.
    4) R. vs. W — I am a fervent pro-choice person, however, I understand that, the way the country has shifted, if put to a popular vote, it is overturned–that however does not signal the end to legalized abortion.(Ms. Roe, however, should be seen for the hippocrit she is)
    Don’t even get me started on Joe………………

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