Cubs Lose…Cubs Lose…

Ok. I know I’ll probably get hate email from my title..but I don’t really care. If one is from Chicago one should not root for both the Cubs and the White Sox… Unless you’re Barack Obama… and we all know who he is SUPPOSED to be rooting for.. but in this serious election season I’m sure he will flip flop a few times before the playoffs are over (but I digress)….

Soo… health insurance is a wonderful thing.. one thing I really do hope for whomever (or is it “whoever”…I can never remember) gets elected a top priority would be decent health insurance for everyone. I just needed to change plans because my COBRA was ending. So, I went to the school’s student plan. I have to pay a little more for my co-pays…which, I was pretty upset about until I noticed a feature on the new drug company’s website…it was a link that said “What does your drug cost?” So, I clicked on it…

My Cellcept tablets for ONE YEAR: $5,078.20
My Prograf tablets for ONE YEAR: $5,708.16

So.. what is that little total: $10,786.36 for a year of medication

Again, I knew it was expensive..but I didn’t know it was THAT expensive. So, I will gladly part with $60 for a 90 day supply (my old company it was only $40).

In other news:
1. After my classes ended I stayed in the city today to study. I left the hospital right after 6pm. My train was at 7pm. At 6.50 I was sitting downstairs at Market East waiting for my train when the place starts swarming with Philly cops.. the SWAT team variety… LOTS AND LOTS OF POLICE. This can’t be a good sign… 2 minutes for my train to be there and they say that they are shutting down Market East and everybody needs to leave immediately. UGH. So, I took the gritty subway to 69th Street and then the trolley into Media. What fun.

2. Had second pharmacology “quiz” today… I study my arse off for these “quizzes”… Major contention that I will voice and I am I’m sure nothing will be done about ( can you assess our knowledge with only TEN questions?) It’s a joke.. we study all w/e for a 10 question “quiz” and the questions are asinine (** not all of the questions, but some… yes, some). I’m venting right now.

3. Totally tired… it’s only 10pm and I think I’m spent for the evening. I don’t feel bad because I got a solid 4 hours of studying in for Friday’s test. I have tomorrow all day after 11am….

That’s it. Good Night.


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