Monday @ 4.21pm

I’m home. I survived. I was told that I was talking to the President of the United States, I was present for a dance that I can only call erotic, I sat in on group meetings, I felt uncomfortable, I felt impatient, etc…

Anyway, my first day of psych nursing is over. It wasn’t horrible. It was actually pretty darn interesting. I was placed on a general adult inpatient floor. Ages were from late teens until 55 (I think). Some people really wanted to talk… other barely came out of their rooms.

Friends Hospital is a beautiful piece of land in the middle of Northeast Philly… When you are on their campus it’s hard to remember that you are literally 2 minutes off Roosevelt Blvd.

Ok.. it’s back to study for Pharmacology… UGH.

Ta-Ta for now.


5 responses to “Monday @ 4.21pm

  1. When one is working in the psych ward and a man tells them he is George W. Bush, you might be wise to believe him….

  2. It was a she & she gave me her federal tax exempt ID number to prove it 😉

  3. Did she look like Tina Fay?

  4. hmmm. no. i have to think about it…b/c she DID look like somebody.

  5. Sara Palin??????????

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