Cricket Update…

Yes, Jamie you are right.. I think for some reason crickets seem to like to hide in the corner of my bedroom…. it happened last year & I think one year before that..

Well, the saga continues…he only chirped once earlier tonight (about 8.30)… and then he showed his face… he was sitting on an envelope that had a plastic window… I heard him before I saw him…well, I too an old Merck Manual (way, totally out of date book) and threw it down hard…well, this little bugger actually survived..he was flipped over…but he lived… well, then I took my old OB textbook and tried it again… he jumped and got away… I don’t know where he is now… I don’t hear him…. maybe he is dying a slow death & going to cricket heaven in the sky.

I’m tired of studying… I’m going to bed.


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